Forever Young - Supplements

30 Softgel capsules
For anti-ageing support
OptiAgeing contains potent antioxidants from Resveratrol and Grape Seed extract, combined with much needed amino acids. This unique formula works synergistically to help protect the body from free radical damage. The result: a more youthful appearance and healthier, better functioning organs.

30 Softgel capsules
For immune system support
OptiBoost provides a complex formula of nutrients to help boost the immune system. The body’s ability to deal with invaders quickly and effectively will help you overcome illness, infection and disease.

30 Softgel capsules
For antioxidant support
Vitamin C is one of the safest, most effective and well known vitamins. The human body cannot produce this crucial vitamin, so if you don’t supplement it, your health is at risk.

60 Softgel capsules
For stress, memory and mood support
Stress can lead to anxiety, memory problems, fatigue, insomnia and agitation. Prolonged exposure to stress eventually depletes the body of vital vitamins and can cause burn out other major problems.

60 Softgel capsules
For bone, heart and arterial system support
Most people know calcium and magnesium to build strong teeth and bones, but it also plays a crucial role in muscle and blood vessel function, the functioning of the nervous system and it helping the heart muscle to function properly.

30 Hardgel capsules
Aids in removing heavy toxins and heavy metals
OptiClear (previously known as Zerotox) contains Absorbatox® that adsorbs heavy metals, toxins and nitrates. Heavy metal toxicity can have detrimental effects on your health.

30 Softgel capsules
For skin, hair and nail support
OptiDerm is a complex formulation containing vitamins, minerals and herbs to assist with improving and keeping your skin, hair and nails healthy.

30 Softgel capsules
For energy support
OptiEnergy is a potent antioxidant formula that naturally revives the body and mind. The combination of Co-Enzyme Q10 and L-Carnitine supports the production of energy in the body.

30 Softgel capsules
For PMS support
Helps to support the female body as it functions through its normal cycles and hormonal changes.

30 Hardgel vegetable based capsules
Probiotic for digestive support
Optimum bowel health’s best friends are the Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus species (the most common and also most beneficial) of probiotics.

60 Softgel capsules
For male vitality support
Various contributors can lead to a decrease in libido in men, like stress, fatigue, depression, insomnia, alcohol abuse, medication and hormone imbalance. Illness can also negatively affect testosterone levels, resulting in low libido.

30 Softgel capsules
For heart and brain support
OptiMega contains omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids (EFAs) to support the two critical organs in the body, the heart and the brain. Apart from this, EFAs have many more health promoting benefits.

30 Hardgel capsules
For super antioxidant support
Annique’s OptiRooibos contains potent antioxidants and provides 400mg of green Rooibos extract, with a minimum of 2200 ORAC per capsule, with a polyphenolic value of 30%.

30 Softgel capsules
Aids in preventing acne
An effective supplement that helps the body in preventing and clearing up acne, from the inside out.

For optimal pH in cells
ToniQ+: Age Defence Solution is a 100% pure, natural and organic balanced concentrate of water with Himalayan crystal salt containing 84 minerals and trace elements which are identical and essential to the human body.

60 Softgel capsules
Essential daily vitamins and minerals
Supplementing your diet with a multivitamin and mineral is crucial for sustained optimum health, energy and mood.

Lifestyle Shake - Meal Replacement

Lifestyle Shakes
40 years of expertise

Here are some of the vital benefits of the Annique Shake: ANTIOXIDANTS to help remove ageing and disease-causing free radicals from the body (vitamins A, C and E, and nicotinamide); STRESS CONTROL with the perfect combination of B-vitamins to support heart-health; CALCIUM absorption is supported with vitamin D3 and is, therefore, idealfor the aged or people who are often restricted to indoor activities; helps to INCREASE METABOLISM with vitamin B-complex. Increases energy levels and promotes weightloss; helps to CONTROL PMS and swelling of limbs during menstruation. If you wish to lose weight or go on a 20 day cleansing diet course you may replace your meals with the Annique Shake.

Available in five delicious flavours, namely strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, chai and café latte. Try the new lime shake, a delicious zesty and refreshing new flavour with added vitamins and minerals for a healthy new you. Annique’s Lifestyle Shake is a delicious supplement drink that curbs cravings and ensures a safe and healthy to lose weight.

Forever Young - Supplements

30 Softgel capsules
Assists natural detoxification
• Aids in the elimination of waste products and the cleansing of your body, naturally
• Supports the liver and other organs in its detox function. When organs, especially the liver, are overloaded with toxins, it cannot perform one of its main functions, namely fat burning, effectively.

30 Softgel capsules
Assists with appetite control
• Cinnamon, gymnema and chromium help to balance blood sugar, thus aiding in suppressing appetite
• Helps to give a feeling of fullness and suppress feelings of hunger

60 Softgel capsules
Supports weight loss
• Helps to release excess body fat by burning calories
• Aids in transporting fatty acids to cells, where it can be burned for energy
• Contains CLA to help decrease the amount of body fat stored in the body and tone muscles

30 Softgel capsules
Supports an active metabolism
• Supports the weight loss process
• Helps to boost metabolism, resulting in an efficient metabolic rate
• Green Rooibos extract, green tea and goji berry provide potent antioxidants

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