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Annique psoriasis

There are five different variations of this auto-immune disease, therefore what works for one, will not necessarily be effective for the other.psoriasis on back

Although Psoriasis is not a lifestyle disease, both stress and diet have an influence on the severity of the condition. Controlling insulin levels and breaking down insulin resistance have a positive impact.

Insulin transports not only sugar but also minerals (e.g. magnesium). The latter plays a major role in normal cellular development.

Chemicals will only temporarily alleviate pain, so to effectively treat Psoriasis follow these two easy, yet effective steps:

  • Drastically reduce the acid and heavy metal content in your body and detoxify
  • Supplement your meals with the essential vitamins and minerals your system needs to function properly. These ingredients cannot be found in our food in sufficient quantity. Use OptiVite, OptiC and OptiMega daily.
  • Take a tonic like Bio Harmony to boost your immune system on a regular basis.
  • Use OptiClear to eliminate heavy metals and OptiToniQ+ to eliminate acid in your body. In other words, detoxify your body.
  • Apply creams such as Resque Crème and Sensi Crème to your affected skin to help the regeneration of cells.
  • Help your body naturally generate the ingredients necessary to ease your plight
  • Reduce or even eliminate alcohol, tobacco and carbohydrates from your lifestyle. Remember that your skin is composed of a sub-layer of fat. To help maintain this layer, your diet should compose of good, high-fat foods such as eggs, avocado, cheese, etc. (NO low fat products). Both wheat and gluten should be excluded from your diet. Most, but not all people can tolerate dairy.
  • Vitamin A is another important component in the skin-healing process. If you do not get enough vitamin A, you should take a supplement. OptiVite capsules will provide the dosage you need every day. The effect may be very slow in the beginning (it could even look negative), but as soon as your skin can absorb the benefit of the vitamin, the results will become positive.

Annique products that help treat Psoriasis

  • OptiToniQ+ to restore your pH Balance, rendering your gut inhabitable to viruses, bacteria, fungi and cancer. Every cell in your body needs minerals to function properly. OptiToniQ+ provides 84 bio-available minerals. It helps cells, including immune system cells, function at an optimal level, thus identifying and eliminating diseases. Hyperacidity (too much acid in the body) can be detrimental to your health (not only for psoriasis sufferers). This wonder product helps the body regain balance, eliminating the negative (and often unnoticed) effects of too much acid in the body.
  • Detox Tea to get rid of all impurities in the body. In fact, all teas are beneficial and a cup of Green Rooibos Tea daily works wonders.
  • OptiClear to get rid of the heavy metals poisoning in your body
  • OptiDerm and OptiMega for their essential fatty acids and skin benefits
  • OptiSolve as a Vitamin A supplement.
  • Resque Crème and Rooibos Tea to assist in reducing skin itchiness.
  • Bio Harmony will get rid of nasty toxins, as well as ensures that nutrients are absorbed.
  • OptiCalMag supplies magnesium.
  • OptiFlora to help detoxify and support the absorption of nutrients from food and other supplements.
  • ActiLess helps control insulin levels.
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