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The Myths about Parabens

The Myths about Parabens  Parabens are used as preservatives in cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical products. They basically give products a longer shelf life. Consumers today are much more aware of ingredients and products that they buy. The media are also more tuned into publicising information about these ingredients. Often, people do not understand the full extent of studies done and only remember one or ...

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Say “NO” to Psoriasis

Say “NO” to Psoriasis – With Annique Health Care Products There are five different variations of this auto-immune disease, therefore what works for one, will not necessarily be effective for the other. Although Psoriasis is not a lifestyle disease, both stress and diet have an influence on the severity of the condition. Controlling insulin levels and breaking down insulin resistance have a positive impact. ...

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Professor Jeanine Marnewick – Rooibos Researcher

Professor Jeanine Marnewick – Rooibos Antioxidant Research Professor Jeanine Marnewick is a senior researcher in the Antioxidant Research Group at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and one of our strongest allies in Rooibos research. In 2007, she ran a clinical trial on Rooibos, which led to her finding that Rooibos may help prevent cancer. She emphasised the following health benefits, already known and proven ...

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